Fall Planting & Decorating at Wanczyk Nursery in Hadley MA

best pumpkins hadley ma western ma

The weather is getting cooler, the leaves are changing colors, and the kids are heading back to school. That only means one thing: fall is here. And that means fall planting and fall decorating.


We love all aspects of fall and hope to help you make your fall decorating as easy as possible with our wide variety of plants, flowers, corn stalks, and more! Wanczyk Nursery is your Western MA destination for all things fall.


Flowers and Plants


Chrysanthemums add a perfect pop of color to porches, flower beds, and your fall decorating décor. Mums come in almost every color in the rainbow, so that means you can match the other plants in your yard. Blooms last for weeks, and you get your money’s worth with the amount of flower bloom per plant.


The leaves of ornamental cabbage and flowering kale feature rosy and creamy white colors, which make them look more like large flowers than their vegetable relatives that are purple and green. Ornamental cabbage and kale are low growers and work well as edging plants among your other fall flowers.


Fall blooming perennials are in abundance during this time of year and are a great way to keep your garden or flower bed blooming well into the fall. Some fall plants include goldenrod, mums, helenium, and sedum.


If you’re looking for local plants for your fall decorating, look no further than our own fresh dug Hadley grown evergreens and flowering shrubs! We carry a variety of arborvitae, andromeda brouwer's beauty, boxwood, mountain laurel, and rhododendron. 


Decorating Extras 


Nothing says “It’s fall!” more than bales of straw and corn stalks. Pick up a bale or two for your fall and Halloween decorating and prop up some corn stalks out in the front of your house.


Our ornamental corn comes in a variety of colors that go great with pumpkins and gourds and can be used in wreaths, dried arrangements, and more!


Stop by our nursery in Hadley, MA for all of your fall planting and decorating needs during our business hours, or give us a call at 413-584-3709. We serve Western MA, including Westfield, Hampden, and Agawam, and hope to be your first stop for all of your mums, corn stalks, and flowering shrubs. Happy planting!

best pumpkins hadley ma western ma
best pumpkins hadley ma western ma
best pumpkins hadley ma western ma

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