Residential & Commercial Landscaping Materials in Western MA

For over 60 years, our family has grown a variety of plants such as healthy trees, shrubs, bushes, flowering plants, and seasonal items. Throughout New England, we deliver the best service, helping you keep your plants healthy by giving you all the information you need.


With our 80 acres of land, we know a thing or two about maintaining a healthy and beautiful landscape. Our top quality soils, mulches, and fertilizers keep your plants looking their best.


Landscaping products offered by Wanczyk Nursery:



As a homeowner, you want your home looking at its best. At Wanczyk Nursery, let your inner landscaper shine by exploring our variety of plants, products, and services. We are happy to help you learn about plants, how to care for them, and go over any information needed for the maintenance of your plants. We’re also here to help landscapers who are looking to freshen up a project or need advice when it comes to trees, shrubs, and plants.


Located in the Western, MA area, our Hadley, MA location is just 25 minutes outside of Springfield, MA. Give your yard the landscaping care it needs by stopping by Wanczyk Nursery at 166 Russell Street in Hadley, MA during our business hours, or give us a call at 413-584-3709. Happy landscaping!

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