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B U L K   M A T E R I A L


     We have bulk and bagged mulch, soil (loam), and compost for sale at the nursery. Bulk materials may be purchased and picked up the same day at the nursery in volumes as small as 1/4 cubic yard. Bulk materials for delivery require a minimum of 1 cubic yard per delivery. A maximum of 10 cy mulch or 4 cy of loam or compost may be delivered in 1 trip.
     The delivery fee is $50 within 6 miles of our location. Beyond 5 miles, the fee is $8.75/mile (one-way). Delivery times are subject to delivery schedule availability, during our busiest seasons we are often scheduling out 1 to 2 weeks. Delivery of bulk materials is limited to dumping in 1 location and within maneuverability of the driveway. We will not drive on the lawn, even with permission. The dump location requires overhead clearance of at least 25'.



     We recommend mulching new plantings with at least 3-4 inches of mulch which will help retain moisture, prevent the germination and growth of weeds, and provide a beneficial layer of insulation for the roots come winter. 
     The calculator below will tell you how much mulch (or compost, loam, etc) you'll need to fill your garden bed. Enter the length and width of the garden bed in feet, enter the desired depth in inches. The calculator will tell you how many cubic yards and how many 2 cubic foot bags you will need for your bed.


Prices are accurate for the 2024 growing season

$50 / cubic yard
$60 / cy
$65 / cy
$50 / cy
$55 / cy

Dark Bark Mulch
Hemlock Mulch
Compost / Topsoil Blend

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