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Family Owned and Operated Since 1954


     We are pleased to offer delivery of all of our nursery stock and bulk products. Delivery costs $50 within 5 miles of our location in Hadley, MA. Deliveries beyond 6 miles are $8.75/mile (one-way) for retail customers. If your location is more than 50 miles from our location, check with us for pricing prior to placing your order. 
     Our truck and trailer accommodate most orders within a single delivery and only very rarely require multiple trips for some larger commercial sized orders. 
     At the time of purchase, we will give you an estimated date range of delivery. During our busiest seasons we are often scheduling out 1 to 2 weeks. Our Delivery Coordinator will contact you to schedule the date of your delivery. We schedule deliveries in morning and afternoon blocks, we do not guarantee or schedule specific delivery times.
At the time of delivery, we will do our best to accommodate your delivery instructions. We will not move product up or down flights of stairs. We will not drive on the lawn, even with permission. Delivery fees do not include placing plants in holes or distributing them about the property. The delivery driver has the final determination on all requests once on-site.
     Delivery of bulk materials is limited to dumping in 1 location and within maneuverability of the driveway. An overhead clearance of 25' is required for the dump location. A maximum of 10 cubic yards of mulch or 4 cubic yards of topsoil or compost can be delivered in one trip. We will not drive on the lawn, even with permission.


     We offer our planting service to retail customers who have purchased plants from the nursery and would like them installed on their property. The service includes DigSafe® notification, digging of holes, compost for planting, and mulching of the planting area.
     Our planting service model is intended to be a convenient alternative to hiring a landscaping firm just to install a few items. At this time we can install up to 10 items per planting. Planting service fees are equal to* the regular price (non-sale price) of each plant being installed. A minimum planting fee of $200 is observed. We do not offer plant removal or full-service landscaping work. Delivery fees are not included with planting services.
     We are happy to assist you with plant choices and design decisions while shopping at the nursery, at the time of installation the crew can help make minor adjustments but overall plant placement must be decided and marked prior to the planting date.
     Planting dates will be estimated at the time of purchase and our Delivery Coordinator will contact you to schedule the date of your installation. We schedule plantings in morning and afternoon blocks and do our best to accommodate your schedule, however, we cannot guarantee specific planting times.
     If you will not be present at the time of installation, placement of each plant will need to be detailed to us prior to the date of installation.         * Some items will need to be specially quoted based on factors beside sticker price.



by Wanczyk Nursery

     We don't currently offer full fledged design services, but we are happy to help you choose plants and make design decisions during your visits to the nursery. Bringing along photos of your space and some basic information about your hardiness zone, site orientation (where does the sun rise and set) and problem areas (wet locations, windy locations, septic system locations, etc) will help our staff give you recommendations for plant choices and placement. Advice about plant choices and design is free to everyone but if you're in need of a full landscape overhaul, we work with many of the areas best landscaping firms that we can recommend to you.

     We've partnered with gardenUP to offer quick garden design solutions at the click of a button. Choose from a gallery of pre-designed gardens that are customized for your space and hardiness zone. 


Garden Design at Your Fingertips


     We rent our living plants to add lush texture and color to your wedding or event. Rental fees are 30% of the tag price (70% off) of each plant plus a %20 deposit (total of 50% of tag price due upfront) which will be returned when the rented plants are returned in healthy condition. Delivery and pickup are not included with rental fee's but may be added if we are able to accommodate the dates. We can help with plant choice and design decisions but do not offer an event design service. Plants that are rented must be properly cared for and watered while they are in your possession and must be returned in healthy condition or your 20% deposit may not be refunded. 

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