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your questions, answered


Q: Do you guarantee plants purchased from the nursery?

A:  Yes, we offer a guarantee on all trees and shrubs sold at the nursery with some exceptions. Annuals, perennials, and houseplants are not guaranteed and delivery and planting fees are not included with plant guarantees. 

Our guarantee covers 100% of the purchase price of your tree or shrub within the first growing season of the year of purchase (up to November  1st). After November 1st, the guarantee covers 50% of the purchase price up to one year from the date of purchase. 

Excluded from this guarantee are:
   •  Improper planting, watering, or care
   •  Failure to contact and seek advice from the nursery at the first sign of decline
   •  Trees and shrubs that do not have a receipt from Wanczyk Nursery
   •  Trees and shrubs discounted more than 10%
   •  Trees and shrubs planted in above ground containers
   •  Trees and shrubs damaged by extreme weather, or any means beyond our control.
   •  Annuals, perennials (including Butterfly Bush), and houseplants
   •  Boxwoods and Broadleaved Evergreens
   •  Failure to flower or set fruit
   •  Insect, animal, or mechanical damage
   •  Trees and shrubs purchased or planted after Nov 1, of the year of purchase
   •  Delivery or installation fees

Providing that you have a printed receipt and evidence of the failed tree or shrub (please bring or send photos of your plant, do not bring failed plants to the nursery), you will receive a one-time replacement or store credit for the purchase value, excluding any delivery or planting fees. No cash/credit refunds are given for failed trees or shrubs. A store credit will be issued when a replacement is not possible or desired.

Q: Can you help diagnose a problem with my plant?

A:  Yes! Please bring samples of the foliage, flowers, or bark secured in ziplock bags to prevent the spread of pests and disease. You can also send us photos of the plant by email. We'll do our best to help diagnose the problem you are having and give advice about how to remedy the problem.

Q: Are you open year-round?

A:  Yes! We are open year-round. Our nursery stock is generally stored away by mid-November right as we get into holiday trees, wreaths, etc. Our greenhouse and retail store remain open through the winter and become a tropical oasis of houseplants, pottery, and other necessities to prepare for spring during the short winter days. Come spring, we are back to full operations with loads of healthy nursery stock and new seasonal items in the retail shop and houseplant greenhouse. 

Q: Do you take back used nursery pots?

A:  Unfortunately no, part of growing healthy plants is creating a healthy environment for them to grow and because we are unable to facilitate a nursery pot sanitization program were are not able to re-use nursery pots. Some local "big box" stores host collection times during certain seasons and some well known growers like Monrovia and Proven Winners are now growing the majority of their plants in recyclable pots that can be included with your curbside recycling pickup. 

Method 3: Insulate the root zone.   Mound mulch, straw, or other insulation around the pot to protect the root zone from temperatures below 20°F. Chicken wire is helpful to contain the insulation through winter. Place the tree in an area protected from salt spray and harsh winter winds.

Method 2: Store it in a cool spot that stays just above freezing.  Store your plants in an unheated garage, unfinished basement, or protected area that remains between 30-40°F. Water periodically (once or twice per month). Bring your potted evergreen outside when nighttime temperatures remain above freezing.

Method 1: Plant it temporarily!  Pre-dig a hole before the ground freezes in an area protected from winter winds and plant the tree, container and all, in the hole after the holidays. Mulch the root zone with 3-4" of bark mulch for insulation and water your tree during periods of winter thaw.




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