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Growing Since 1954

N U R S E R Y   S T O C K

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Each spring our annuals greenhouse is brimming with the colors of thousands of annuals ready for planting in containers and hanging baskets and for filling in among the rest of the garden.

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Come and explore our collection of perennials frequently, you'll always find something in bloom that will add color and interest to your garden every day of the year!

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We stock hundreds of varieties of flowering and ornamental shrubs to bring structure and color to your landscape year-round. We are sure to have the perfect shrub for your space.

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Our selection of flowering, ornamental, and shade trees offer unlimited potential to create a beautiful focal point with a specimen tree or to provide some much needed shade on hot summer days.  Many deciduous trees offer all season interest with vibrant fall colors and decorative fruit into winter.

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Evergreen trees and shrubs offer year-round interest and structure within the landscape. We stock an array of options from dwarf specimens suitable for small display gardens, arborvitae for creating long stretches of privacy, and the perfect fir tree for displaying holiday lights in the front yard. 

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Image by ceit wonders


We stock many hardy fruit tree varieties like apples, pears, peaches, cherries, and plums. We have a great selection of blueberries, raspberries, grapes and other fruiting trees and shrubs. During our spring season, you'll also find a selection of annual and perennial vegetable and herb varieties.

Image by Joanna Stołowicz
Green Garden

Come visit us at the nursery where we can help guide you to the perfect plant for that tricky spot in your garden. Our friendly and knowledgable team members are ready to help!

We can help you ID a plant you've been eyeing in your neighbors yard, give advice about planting, watering, and fertilizing, and help diagnose and treat common pest and disease problems. 

Bring in some pictures of your space and we will even help to choose plants for larger plantings and new beds. 


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